Have you listened to that audio clip that’s been circulating the Internet? Whatever you do, don’t play it more than once. Laurel, Yanni… they are both the same name for the demon that God sent to smash the Tower of Babel. We are talking about some Old Testament evil. Repeating the name over and over summons the demon. This isn’t like the movies, you don’t need pentagrams or a blood sacrifice to summon a demon. All it takes is enough people invoking the demons name.
You’ll know you’ve been cursed by the demon when you hear the names switch.

Yanni becomes Laurel.

Laurel becomes Yanni.

It’s only a matter of time until the curse gets worse. You won’t understand the world around you. You’ll doubt what others say. The words will come out, but the message presented won’t make any sense. Nothing will make sense. But there is hope, chicken car flash windy cabbage. Embarrass pen hour tooth panoramic impress. Convictions helmeted Ontario afternoon tar snapping.