I had a fascinating experience with my wife while watching the VP Debate earlier this week. I was following the running commentary on Twitter doing what I always do during a good Live Tweet: Laughing at the jokes, chiming in with armchair commentary, and retweeting insightful comments. A few minutes into the debate I got a questions from my wife.

“Can I see your iPad?”
She already had her phone in her had, so I asked her why.
“I want to see what they are saying about the debate.”

We then huddled together around my iPad as we watched the VP debate. My wife doesn’t use Twitter, but she was immediately hooked. I liked and retweeted comments on her request. She asked who certain accounts were and why I followed them. It was a great experience to share my feed with her.

How can Twitter capture new users like my wife? A new Twitter user will have a hard time setting up their account to experience a live event. They won’t know who has a quality feed to make the event enjoyable. However, they can get the most of a Live Tweet if they have a little help.

Live Moments by Twitter

Here’s my proposal for Live Moments by Twitter:

Live Moments allows Twitter users to create a custom Timeline for upcoming events. Users can create a curated list of subject matter experts to give followers the best second screen experience. Need help coming up with a list? Add keywords and hashtags to keep an eye on and we’ll automatically add popular tweets to your Live Moments Timeline. Want to promote engagement? Ask a question during the event to get users involved in the moment. Anyone who replies can be included in your Live Moments Timeline. You don’t even need a Twitter account to catch a Live Moment. Anyone can follow the conversation without signing in if they have a custom url. If new users enjoy following the commentary we’ll help you set up a new account and follow everyone who was part of the Live Moment!

The goal isn’t to get current Twitter users following Live Moments. You want them to create the Live Moments. The real goal is to get casual users that think Twitter is hard to follow these pre-made timelines for an event they are interested. Live Moments can help expand market share. Once new users see the value of Twitter they’ll be more likely to create an account and become an active user.

Now you may say, “Raul, this is just lists!” Which I completely agree. Lists are great, but they are pretty much ignored by most users. Lists are a good utility feature for power users and harassment. Twitter needs something far more functional to get new users on board, and it ain’t lists.

What do you think. Reach out to me on Twitter at @uz88!