Are Robots Going To Steal My Job?

No, not anytime soon. I propose a new phrase to define a key reason why your job is safe for now. I’d like to introduce you to “The Last Hat.”

The Last Mile

I took inspiration for this phrase from another problem in tech, the last mile. The last mile is a phrase used to describe a set of problems stopping many from getting high speed internet to their home. You can have the best infrastructure for ever step of the way, but you miss out on network advances because of the last mile.

The Last Hat

Humans wear many hats when they are on the job. Take truckers for example. Sure they drive the truck, but there are many roles that are crucial to delivering goods that AI can’t account for. Your job is gone if AI puts on The Last Hat. Truckers provide security for the cargo they ship. Truckers unload the cargo they are delivering. Truckers are more than just drivers. Sure AI can drive, but that is one part of the job. The robots where one hat, and sure they where it very well. Truckers, and a majority of other jobs, are safe until AI branches out and puts on the last hat. It will definitely be awhile if it’s anything like the last mile.